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Seems like the hammer needs to be cocked further or something.Probably the best machine cut checkering you will see outside of Pete Single.There is much rumor, speculation and frankly, outright arrogance from some who own these guns that I feel it is my duty to dispel myths and rumors by showing what parts are CURRENTLY BEING USED in this seemingly trophy unicorn.

Springfield: 1911-A1 45 ACP Professional Light Custom Shop. and a Springfield Custom Shop Certificate.Springfield Armory, Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer.

Springfield Armory Custom Shop 1911 Full Rail 45 ACP Custom Operator PC9112. I have a Springfield Armory, 45 ACP Custom Shop model PC9112, full rail custom operator.Just an FYI, I ran across a post from John Harrison on 1911forum.com about how he Loc Tites the overtravel screw.The muzzle.beveled bushing.a little uneven aesthetically.This is a high quality Springfield Custom piece.Find best value and selection for your Springfield Armory Custom Shop 1911 grips search on eBay.

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For those who are looking to up their game from casual plinking fun to breaking into precision competition shooting, such as NRA bullseye, without making such a massive investment, the Springfield Range Officer has some considerable appeal.Springfield Armory. Our assortment of 11 Custom 1911 Grips and Springfield 1911 Custom Grips.

Williams, he was quick to point to his long time crew of pistolsmiths for their.My dad has since swapped out his stock panels for a rubberized Hogue wraparound grip featured in the video.While racking the slide, I notice that it seems to ride snugly along the frame.Again, the reader should know that I have a preference for a traditional front strap undercut with sharp 20lpi checkeriing.Firing pin stop: Machined from bar stock, fit very well and numbered to the gun.

Black it out with your favorite G10 grips and it is your destiny.Shop Now; Search Find Parts. Springfield Armory » 1911; 1911.

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Springfield Armory Professional Custom Shop FBI 1911.45ACP PC9111.Extractor: SA Custom, bar stock, WELL fit by hand and numbered to the gun.


Comes with case, 6 mags, authentification certificate signed by.

The barrel and bushing were dry up front and with the hard fit of this gun the is a premium on lubrication, especially during break in.The first three shots, 25 yards, Remington UMC (of all things) 6:00 hold.Kinda pissed off so I called the regular Customer Service and got someone on the phone.

As you can see above, the Pro comes with everything you need and nothing you do not.Silde to frame clearances are very very tight and barrel to slide and bushing are uber tight as well.Oh yeah, the barrel and bushing are made from a specially specified stainless steel somewhere around 416R for you tech guys and gals.You will find small parts here and there etched with the last three digits of the serial number on the Pro.Top of the line model with night sights, ambidextrous safety, and magwell.The lower lugs have good contact on the right but not left, again, a little disappointing considering the cash.

Comes with two extended magazines and a different mount for the optic.

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Thumb safety I have not removed but looks like a standard SA safety or the Wilson, works great.Made on a Caspian frame with a post-war Colt replacement slide like the type sold to the U.S. military. Has a Kart N.M.